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natural organic shea coconut oil butter balm

What types of creams to you use for baby?

I've had my fair share of trying different creams because of the eczema that runs in our family.  Natural, organic, medicated, home-made, store bought, essential oils, cooking oils, bees wax, you name it, we've tried it.

Everyone has a suggestion and everyone has something that has worked for them.  But if you have eczema, you know that everyone is different and there is NO magical cure.  We all hope there is, but unfortunately there isn't.  It might even be that the creams are just putting a band-aid over the real issue, that our bodies are reacting to something either in the environment or something we have eaten.   But that is a discussion for a later date.

I know there are a lot of blog posts where you can make your own creams and I've tried this.  But to be honest the mess and hassle of trying to make and bottle and keep track of the best before dates is ridiculous.  So I have resorted to finding some good home-made creams that I trust.

I recently came across Charlotte's bum butter, but being in Markham, shipping from downtown Toronto was almost half the cost of the cream.  We used it and I'll tell you what I love about it:

- whipped, so it's light and easier to apply without getting the cream deep under my nails

- comes unscented and scented with essential oils

- nut-free

In the winter months I always have cracked hands just because of the dry air and from washing my hands after every diaper change.  But since using this bum butter, it's helped create a barrier on my hands and *knock on wood* I've been good so far.

So we have decided to help carry this product in our online store for local Markham pick-ups for any mamas who are interested in trying it.  Charlotte's bum butter has so kindly given a lot of my mamas samples of her product in my swag bags over the years and when my mamas want to buy it they are a bit shocked at the cost of shipping.  So we I've started to carry this for you markham mamas who want local pick up to help save on the cost.  

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