Submitted by yogabellymama on Sun, 09/09/2018 - 13:25
write your birth story now

I will never forget the words of my midwife when she said  "oh, you'll forget all this"

Boy, was she right.  When people say you will forget the feeling of contractions and pressure of labour - it's true.  Why do you think I kept having kids? LOL.  During every labour I would say to myself "we're done, last kid"  and then after baby's in my arms (like literally after pushing), I look at this amazing being that I just birthed and think "I can do this again

Everyone thinks they will remember, but I really think we must be biologically wired to forget.  Within the first few sleepless weeks after baby arrives, take a moment to write down the events of what happened during your labour and birth.  Not only from your perspective, but ask your partner to write their version of their birth story too.  You'll be surprised and have a great time reading each others stories for years to come.  

I actually forgot to write my second child's birth story and writing it 2 years later, I feel like there are holes in the story I can't remember.   Everytime I replay #2's birth story I remember a new thing I previously forgot about - and that's only in 2 years.  Imagine 20 years from now when I think back to what happened?  I will have completely forgotten everything.  LOL.

I won't go through the whole birth story here, but here's the one thing I ended my story with and just leaves me with warm and loving thoughts. 

"my midwife helped me up into bed after my birth, tucked me in, kissed me on the cheek and said I did a great job"  This just reminds me of all the love and support we are surrounded by from our family, friends and even our midwife.  Carron birthed all 3 of our kids and she's so well known in our family that our kids call her Auntie Carron.  LOL.

Thank you to all the midwives who are answering our calls at 12am (and 2am and 3am LOL).  Especially to everyone our family has come across in the last 3 years from North Don Valley Midwives.