Submitted by yogabellymama on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 00:38

Being a new mom is hard.  Newborns don't come with a handbook.  

I found that when I didn't know what to do, I would OM to clear my mind, reset and try to approach the situation with less stress and frustration.  When baby is crying and she's full with a clean diaper and just needs some sleep, I would find myself om-ing in the rocking chair.  And to my amazement, sometimes baby would just relax from the vibrations.  

My daughter would put her head on my chest to feel the vibrations, where as my son now looks at my mouth and tries to give me a kiss.  With both kids, I did prenatal yoga and I really do think they recognize the relaxing vibrations of OM.

Now that my daughter is older, we've tried to start a night time yoga routine.  Before bed, we would sit and om 3 times to calm and relax before bed.  Now that she knows how to sit and om, we use this technique throughout the day whenever she needs to just calm down and relax.  Life of a 2 year old can be over stimulating - so this is a great tool for us.


What have you tried with your kids?  babies, infants, toddlers or even older?