Submitted by yogabellymama on Mon, 01/14/2019 - 10:25
Green juicing

Bet you didn't know I ate a plant-based diet for a few years while living away from home.  It was too easy to have take out and reheat processed foods living on my own. So I committed to eating  like a vegan to ensure I didn't come home after my PhD fat, sick and nearly dead.  That's a movie people... did you get the reference???

Anyways.  Eating like a vegan was great until I got pregnant.  The judgement and advice I got from people was just overwhelming.  Even the nutritionist told me I had to stop eating a plant based diet.  I felt like I had no place to turn and no support in trying to continue my plant based journey.  God forbid something were to go wrong during the pregnancy, was I confident enough to believe it wasn't MY diet that contributed?  I didn't feel well versed enough to say yes.   So like many vegetarians I know who become pregnant, I caved.

Back on meat and I was loving all the flavors and bad food.  I said after baby was born I would go back to a plant based diet.  But when I tried I was tired and not getting enough of the right things.  So the meat continued.  Fast forward 2 more babies in the next 2 years and here I was tired, sluggish and making excuses for why i couldn't switch back to a plant based diet.

Well 2019 sparked a new interest after watching a new documentary - What the Health.  This and the motivation from a family member who started looking into veganism and its relationship ship to health and disease, we are back in track.

A family effort to eat more of a plant based diet.  Are any of you considering this for you and your family?  Which one? Vegan or plsnt-based diets -did you they are different?  Check out some of the differences here