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Something so simple, but so crucial in everything we do.

Life takes a community.  Whether it's for work, home life, recreational - we all need support from others to truly succeed.  This doesn't mean that you can't do things on your own, of course independence is an important factor as well.  But, we can't always be a one WOman show.

For example, work tasks almost always go beyond your department/scope at some point.  You will need to communicate and work with others outside your self to support whatever project you're working on.

Interested in purchasing a home?  Rather than becoming our own realtor, most people will find the professionals to support their journey in looking for a home.  Even non-team sports like tennis, require an opponent, trainers, people to run and maintain the court.  

So who is in your circle?  Who is your support system?  When you figure this out and have all the right support team in place, things just run a lot smoother.

So during pregnancy, who can you turn to when you just when you need some support and chat?  Our yoga class provides a safe environment to discuss with other women.  We provide weekly classes to keep you accountable to show up on those days when you're feeling achy and oh so pregnant - and there will be many of these.   

During motherhood, we're your workout buddy.  I know the last thing anyone wants to do when you're sleep deprived is go work out.  But we are more than just a workout.  Learning techniques that can be applied to your real life.  Meet and chat with other moms going through the same things as you.  Be accountable to show up because we love seeing you (and baby) in our classes.

So who's in your community?