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meditation for motherhood markham

Do you have sayings that you repeat to yourself throughout your day?

When things get tough and you need a little self-boost, are you giving yourself a pep talk?  Like the little engine who could:  I think I can, I think I can...

I'm always encouraging my clients to remember to take their yoga practice into motherhood.  Believe it or not, being pregnant and having the baby might be the easier part of being a mom.  The real challenges might begin once we have baby out in the world.  We are filled with this overwhelming feeling of "Got the baby, now what do I do ???"  With every step of the way we are faced with new challenges and no right/wrong answer to help guide us.  So what can we do through all these challenges?  MEDITATION MAMAS!

We bring in intention into our prenatal yoga practice and now I'd like to introduce the idea of meditation into motherhood.  The dreaded word meditation, but don't stop reading just yet.  Personally, I was never into meditation until I had my kids.  I never realized how important it was until I didn't have it anymore.  This tends to be the case with a lot of things.  While doing my teacher yoga training we reviewed different mantras and meditation tools.  Each week I felt relaxed but wasn't completely sold on the idea of meditation and singing mantras.  It wasn't until a week I had missed class where I noticed that I was more irritable than normal.  I just felt off and I wasn't sure why.  The next week class resumed as normal (back to the meditation and mantras) and the light bulb went off.  There was something in the quiet time and chanting that helped me relax.  

love powered motherhoodI felt so strongly about trying to introduce a Meditation Mamas class I offered them free to anyone who was interested.  During this class I brought in positive affirmation cards from Love Powered to help give our mamas a little guidance.  A lot of the time meditation is new to people and having something concrete to look at might help.  The original cards (Love Powered Littles) were created to help give our kids some positive affirmations.  I am so excited to see that Love Powered is now coming out with a Femme version - perfect for us mamas who need some words of self-love.

How did we use the cards?  Each card had a topic and a few sayings, for example "I am patient" was one card.  There were a few sentences on the card that I read aloud and just encouraged our mamas to focus on the positive words.  Maybe reflecting on a moment in their day where they could have been a little more patient and letting go those thoughts by focusing on our breathing or repeating the affirmations to themselves.   Loved working with these cards in class.  I hope our meditation mamas liked it too!

Looking forward to when these cards are released.  I put them on my Christmas wishlist and I hope Santa puts them in my stocking!