"Yoga is about the BREATH, MIND AND BODY.  Train yourself both mentally and physically for the marathon of labour & delivery."


My journey DURING pregnancy

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, but my passion for teaching started after learning about and experiencing first hand the AMAZING benefits of yoga during my pregnancies, labours and deliveries.

Yoga is about your Breath, Mind AND Body, and while many people do yoga to keep their body feeling good, yoga affects us on a much deeper level.   The  poses help prepare and strengthen the changing body for pregnancy.  The breathing and meditation provide techniques that can be used to help throughout labour and delivery. On top of all that, meeting a group of women going through the same thing you are provides an invaluable sense of community and support.

During my own pregnancies, I searched high and low for a good prenatal yoga class and quickly realized that few classes incorporated the full sense of what YOGA truly is.  THIS is what motivates me to share my prenatal yoga teachings with other pregnant women.  I want to share with others the wonderful benefits that yoga can bring to your pregnancy, labour and delivery.

Join me in being a #yogabellymama

My journey BEFORE pregnancy

I found yoga during my Masters and PhD programs in studying speech pathology.  YOGA was much needed in order to survive the stress of school.  I tell my clients about my yoga journey so people understand that we all have our own path.  I started yoga as a physical practice, but my teacher was so AMAZING that she infused all the traditional teachings of yoga into my practice without me even knowing.  Week after week I went back to class and I would leave feeling relaxed.  Year after year I started to realize there was so much more than just the physical workout. 

I tell my students all the time it doesn't matter why people start yoga, whether it's for the physical, mental, whatever... what matters is that you find your own journey through your practice.  There are so many benefits beyond the physical aspect of yoga and when you try something with an open mind, you will be amazed at what you find (whether you understand it or not).  Science is only starting to catch up to what yogis have known for centuries, and half of it still can't be explained yet. 

My journey AFTER pregnancy

Fast forward a decade later, and I am a full time mama who had three kids in three years.  No PhD is going to prepare you for this life.  I spend almost all my free time working on the business or teaching.  I have a passion for sharing yoga with anyone who want to learn.  Why?  Because life is tough and if I can help my students learn a few tools to reduce stress while getting in some "me" time in between their busy schedules then I'll be there.