Due to Covid-19, we have temporarily moved all classes online.

A bottle of water and a yoga mat. All other yoga props will be provided.

Comfortable clothing that will allow for you to move and stretch in.

Yes, parking is free on site and strollers are welcome into the building. Please park strollers in the hallway outside our yoga room.

We welcome clients from 12 weeks up to 40+ weeks.

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise, so we recommend that clients try to attend classes to practice the tools for the duration of their pregnancy. All clients must be cleared for yoga prior to attending our classes. 

At a minimum, please wait until after your 6-week postnatal appointment with your primary care provider before starting any type of physical exercise.  With that being said, every woman’s body will be ready for exercise at different stages after birth.   You know your body best, you may not be ready at 6-weeks and that’s okay too.

It is recommended to have at least an half an hour between your last meal and the start of your yoga class.  However, if you require a small snack before class, babycentre recommends something small such as a banana, seed/nuts, or carrot sticks.  

Please avoid having a large meal, fizzy drinks, or too much water before yoga.