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Jen Lam, MA, PhD
Owner/Yoga Instructor

Jen is the Founder and Yoga Instructor for Yoga Belly.  She was inspired to start Yoga Belly to better support women and families through pregnancy and parenthood using yoga.

She started practicing yoga while pursuing her doctoral degree to help reduce stress from her academic studies.  It wasn’t until she had her first baby where she realized the amazing benefits yoga for pregnancy, labour and into motherhood. 

Fast forward to present day and Jen is a full time yoga mama who had three kids in three years.  No PhD is going to prepare you for this life.  She spends her (limited) free time teaching others how to incorporate yoga into real life.  

Stephanie C.
Kid + Family Yoga Instructor

Stephanie is a seasoned yogi with a decade of experience. She loves yoga, travelling, hiking and learning. Yoga sparked a fire within her to find out her true potential and how to live her life’s purpose to help others.

Stephanie is a full time teacher who has taught children internationally (Kenya & South Korea) and in Canada across all ages (3-17 years old). In the classroom, she saw how yoga and mindfulness positively impacted her students and started her school’s first Yoga Club and Mindfulness Club. Through teaching yoga and mindfulness, Stephanie hopes to help her students find and fulfill their own potential to live a joyful, healthy and purposeful life.

Stephanie is passionate about teaching yoga to kids, tweens, teens and families and can’t wait to meet you on the mat! 

Sarah C.
Yoga/Barre Instructor

Sarah believes living a healthy lifestyle begins with finding what moves you! Her aim is to help guide you and express your best life through movement.  Whether it is leading you in yoga or barre, I hope to leave you in a “feel good” state that you can take off your mat and into your life.

Sarah began practicing yoga to add some variety to movement in her life. She quickly noticed the benefits of the practice both physically and mentally. In 2012 Sarah completed a 300 hour YTT. After her first pregnancy Sarah felt a calling to help guide other mamas on their journey into motherhood and beyond and became a certified pre/postnatal yoga instructor. Her classes combine movement, breathwork and education that supports mothers at any stage.

Shaili S.
Yoga Instructor

Shaili is a certified Yoga Teacher and a passionate Yoga practitioner. She comes from India and teaches Yoga with a keen focus on alignment and breath.

Join her for a Yoga class where you will Move Smoothly, Breathe Deeply and Smile Wholeheartedly.

Lisa O.
Personal Trainer

Lisa is a trained Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist and Coach.

Her knowledge of human anatomy and nutrition assists women through the stages of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

She offers one on one training, online coaching and group classes for women & mothers (and baby).

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