Did you know we provide more than just prenatal classes?

Classical Hatha Yoga training has provided Yoga Belly with the foundation of traditional Hatha Yoga techniques to help meet the needs of our clients.  


Prenatal - REGISTER NOW!

Each week builds on the next, learning about how to use meditation, pelvic floor exercises, pranayama (breathing) and poses to that will help through pregnancy, labour and delivery.   Intimate classes help to build a sense of community with other women.

Meditation Mamas - coming soon!

Give yourself some self-love mama!  Let's face it, motherhood can be challenging, so join us in learning how to relax and reset our minds to be the best self we can be.  Classes focus on breathing and meditation.  

Baby + Me

Babies welcome!  Baby + Me classes give you the flexibility to get in shape with baby.  Classes focus on poses great for post-natal bodies while engaging and interacting with baby.  

Balance & Boost (online)

A convenient online class to help better overall women's health.  A calming class to ease the mind, better circulation, release toxins and better reproductive and menstrual health.  No more excuses... give yourself a little bit of "me time" - just half and hour in the comfort of your own home.

Fertility Boost

Planning to start a family or know someone who is? 
Yoga has been shown to help with balancing hormones,improving circulation, opening the hip and pelvic area as well as reducing stress. Learn how the calming techniques used in yoga can help support your path to pregnancy. 


Parenthood 101 - Coming Soon!

A prenatal education workshop taught by a certified childbirth educator.

Bump, Birth & Baby Workshop 

Join Yoga BellyMarkham Pelvic Health & Helping Hands Doulas as they discuss the ways in which you can prepare your body and mind through the journey of pregnancy to holding your baby in your arms.

Intro to Yoga (4 weeks)

This Intro to Yoga course provides new students with a general introduction to Yoga and what to expect during a yoga class.  Students will also learn about basic poses, proper alignment to develop a safe practice, common yoga terminology, meditation and breathing techniques.  No experience is required.

INTERESTED in offering these programs/workshops at your studio? Contact Yoga Belly to find out how.