eggless tofu hash

easy plant-based breakfast

I have been back and forth with being plant-based /vegetarian over the last 10 years, but to be honest it can be a daunting task thinking of what to prep and make. It was much easier when I was single and living on my own, but now that I’m a mom and . have other people to prep meals for and feed, time to prep and cook is minimal.

Let’s not bore you with my plant-based journey, but here’s what I whipped together with some simple things we had in our fridge and pantry.

Egg-less Tofu Hash:

  • a block of firm tofu crumbled by hand
  • tumeric
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cooked brown lentils
  • smokey tempeh (I used Light Life, but you could use any brand really)
  1. cook the tempeh in the pan first, break it up once cooked
  2. add the crumbled tofu
  3. sprinkle three shakes of tumeric (for color and antioxidant and antiinflammatory boost)
  4. make sure to add a few shakes of pepper*** (and salt to taste)
  5. add cooked brown lentils
  6. optional: add any liquid if you find it too dry (dairy-free alternative or water)

***the pepper helps release the benefits of the curcumin in the tumeric (Hewlings & Cullman, 2017) so make sure you add this to any tumeric recipes (food and gold milk lattes etc…)

Good luck!

Let me know how your plant-based breakfast turns out