Prenatal Yoga Flow Video

New Prenatal Flow added to our YouTube Channel

Sarah from @mindsoulmoves leads a gentle flow class perfect for your second or third trimester. Some props to have close by: block, bolster and blanket. You can do this flow anytime of the day. Learn how to lengthen your side body to get a deeper breath in or protect your low back while in bridge pose. This class will leave your body and mind feeling relaxed. Let us know in the comments if you liked the class.

Did you know yoga can help your mind and body prepare for labour?

Your body is constantly adapting and changing to make space for your growing baby. By doing yoga you can help stretch and strengthen the body to help support your body for this journey.

In this video Sarah talks about “intention.” Intention is simply a positive message you want to hold with you through pregnancy. Your intention might even be something you want to repeat to yourself during labour and birth. It’s a great way to focus your thoughts when tensions are high or when your mind starts to race.

If you are interested in learning more about how yoga can support you thought pregnancy and motherhood send us a message and let’s chat!