Prepare for Birth with Yoga

Yoga Belly is the only Prenatal specialized Yoga Centre in Markham and in the Greater Toronto Area. We are located at PUSH. Markham’s – Prenatal and Family Care Centre on Highway #7.

Our prenatal yoga classes prepare your mind and body for pregnancy and birth. Our classes go beyond a work out. You will also connect with and meet other pregnant women going through similar stages of pregnancy, learn how to breathe for labour and prepare for parenthood.

Over the years we have had a variety of clients with varying birth experiences. Some clients have chosen to have an Obstetrician (OBGYN) and give birth at Markham Stouffville Hospital (Labour and Delivery). While other clients are with Markham Durham Midwives or Uxbridge Community Midwives and have given birth in the Hospital’s new Ambulatory Midwifery Unit (AMU).

The benefits of prenatal yoga are available to all clients with varying birth plan preferences. Come try a class with us and feel the calming benefits of yoga.

Common Questions we get asked:

Does going to yoga mean I want a “natural birth”?

Not at all. Yoga helps everyone no matter the preferences you have for birth. In class we learn to listen to the body, breathe through challenges and destress. These tools and techniques can be applied to pregnancy and beyond.

Can everyone do yoga?

Yes! You can join our classes as long as you have been cleared by your primary care practitioner. Everything we do in class can be adjusted for your body and how you’re feeling.

When should I start yoga?

We recommend starting yoga in your second trimester.

How often should I go take a class?

Many clients like to attend 1-2 classes a week. During pregnancy, more is not always better, don’t over do it and listen to your body.

How long can I continue yoga for?

Again, as long as your doctor has cleared you for physical activity, we have had clients continue up to their due date.