Partner Workshop

I had such an amazing time meeting new clients and their partners this weekend!

We worked on some intention setting, breathing and yoga poses. Our workshops always have their moments of awkward silences, laughs and tears. Thank you to all our participants for allowing yourselves to open up and really embrace some of the techniques we worked on in class.

If you’re looking for a partner workshop in the Markham area, stay tuned for our next one happening in April. Workshop day will be released shortly.

The couple in the photo is in their assisted squat pose. This poses has a lot of downward pressure so it is great during labour when you want to help baby’s head apply pressure down onto the cervix. There are many variations on how to adjust your partner stance. So in this picture, mama’s partner was too tall for her to comfortably wrap her arms around his neck. So she shows an alternative position. We want you to learn how to properly hold each other during labour to avoid any type of injury/fall.